Mitas is the official sponsor of Hard Enduro Brazil Series

SÃO PAULO – The second season of the Hard Enduro Brasil Series (HEBS) will be officially sponsored by Mitas, one of Europe’s leading motorcycle tire brands and one with the longest tradition in the tire industry.

Founded in 1947 to develop motorcycles tires for speedway, the brand was born in the Czech Republic and has an intimate relationship with off-road competitions, especially extreme enduro, motocross, and hard enduro. In Brazil, the company has been accompanying and encouraging since 2016 the competitions that led to the birth of HEBS last year. Brand representative Gilson Vendramim sees this season as a strategic opportunity for the well-known tire brand to start expanding its name among the most demanding off-road riders:

“We have been in love with the Brazilian championship since 2016. I believe that this year’s partnership is good for HEBS and for us because it brings together two great forces to further promote the sport. Everyone already knows that the investment in the Mitas tire is a little higher than the other brands in Brazil, but when the rider discovers the technology and quality of our tire, he doesn’t change the brand anymore … the tire makes the difference! “- Says Gilson Vendramim, who believes that the second Grand Slam by HEBS can gain international proportions.

“The expectation is that the championship can take a worldwide impact. The championship is linked to major brands that are already involved with Hard Enduro outside the country and these are betting on the Brazilian championship since the beginning of the sport. Another strong point is the quality level of riders that is progressing every race giving extra shine for the championship”.


The releases and products that Mitas intends to offer to the Brazilian riders competing on HEBS, the company guarantees the availability of the already respected EF-07 tire and a variety of options for other off-road motorcycles:

“Well I believe that many already know the Mitas brand, we manufacture the best tire for the Hard Enduro, so we cannot fail to bring the best for Brazilian riders. The EF-07 model already has its market share and now we are bringing the Terra Force model that some riders out there are already using, and we also have a huge range of tires for Enduro Regularity, Enduro Fim, Motocross, Rally, Flat track, and now the Big Trail Enduro tires will also have options. “

And for HEBS competitors, the brand representative in Brazil, guarantees that the Brand will make a special move to win the riders’ wheels and hearts:

“We will try to reduce the cost of the tire for the riders who compete in HEBS”

For Mitas, the marriage of the tire with the Hard Enduro is ideal, after all, there is no other motorcycle sport that requires both traction and stability.

“The company sees Hard Enduro as the fastest-growing modality in off-road motorcycling, and as an extremely difficult modality that requires a lot of traction, riders end up opting for our tires that are the best in the world for extreme enduro “.

The second season of HEBS will begin in Barão de Cocais-MG on March 21 and 22 with the fourth edition of Barãomaniacs. The Brazilian rider Rigor Rico, winner of the race last year, is the favorite to win his second HEBS championship.

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